ExpensePortâ„¢ Reimbursement Delivery Options

ExpensePort utilizes a combination of two distinct reimbursement delivery options. Depending on the expense service, the program might use one delivery option exclusively or a combination of both to ensure efficiencies and quality of service.

Direct Reimbursement Model
With this model, future and current employees submit their receipts and expenses directly to ExpensePort, thus eliminating the need for human resources and accounting to approve and process the payment. ExpensePort audits the expenses according to the specific policy, issues the payment directly to the employee, and tracks the expenses for billings and historical reporting. Internal efficiencies and cost savings are often recognized by engaging ExpensePort as your payment administrator when you experience reimbursement demands for recruiting, relocation, and specialized business needs. Expense services that follow the direct reimbursement model include:

-Recruiting & Interview Expense Management

-Full-Service Relocation Expense Management

-Business Reimbursement Expense Management

-Temporary Assignment Expense Management

Lump Sum Funding Model
For situations where the simplicity of a lump sum allowance might be more beneficial, ExpensePort can administer the delivery of the lump sum to the current or future employee. Based on policy, ExpensePort will load the lump sum amount on an instant-issue debit card, send the card directly to the employee, and manage any subsequent tax or policy requirements.  Expense services that follow the lump sum funding model include:

-Relocation Lump Sum Allowance Management

-Travel & Entertainment Allowance Management

-Per Diem Lump Sum Management

-Internship Expense Management & Stipends

-For more information about the process and benefits of these service models, please contact us at info@expenseport.com.

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