ExpensePortâ„¢ Candidate Services

ExpensePort Candidate Services specializes in processing the reimbursements of interview trip expenses for recruits and job candidates of corporations and institutions. ExpensePort can also provide internship-related expense solutions. Programs that deliver candidate services include:

Candidate & Interview Expense Management
During an employer-paid interview, recruiting, or pre-employment trip, a job candidate will incur various travel, lodging, meal, and incidental expenses. Reimbursing these candidates for their out-of-pocket expenses can pose frustrating challenges for employers' and their human resources and accounting departments. By working with ExpensePort, employers can provide their job candidates and recruits with a streamlined process of getting reimbursed quickly and maximize their internal efficiency and accuracy in processing these benefits.

Internship Expense Management
ExpensePort also provides expense management and funding for robust corporate internship programs. Administering the expenses for seasonal interns can pose multiple challenges for a corporation and its human resources, accounting, and payroll staffs. Through a combination of per diem lump sum payments, expense reports, and direct-billed service provider invoices, ExpensePort provides your interns with easy access to funds and minimize your internal challenges.

For information about the process and benefits of these programs, please contact us at info@expenseport.com.

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