ExpensePort™ Business Services

Although regular business expense reports and pre-funding allowances are typically processed through your internal accounting department, situations exist in which outsourcing these functions are beneficial. ExpensePort collaborates with you to develop a customized solution that streamlines funding to employees and maximizes internal efficiencies. Programs that deliver situational business services include:

Temporary Assignment Expense Management

Our temporary assignment management provides an efficient way to request reimbursement and obtain prompt payment. The impact on your internal Accounts Payable department is reduced, and an established tracking plan with payroll reporting capabilities is easily operational should the assignment change and become a reportable event.

Per Diem Lump Sum Management
ExpensePort facilitates Lump Sum payments based upon employer established policies, or we help manage the benefit process with per diem rates for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses. This service can be administered via an instant-issued VISA™ debit card or through electronic payment means.

Business Reimbursement Expense Management
Situations occur in which our clients find it advantageous to engage ExpensePort for reimbursement of ordinary business expenses. Often due to constraints within a particular department or office location, or perhaps due to difficulties in reimbursement to candidates, new hires or other non-employees. ExpensePort is happy to provide customized programs tailored for ongoing or unusual circumstances.

Travel & Entertainment Allowance Management

The out-of-pocket cost of traveling and entertaining can be troublesome for employees. ExpensePort can pre-fund employees with management-approved allowances, thereby minimizing employee anxieties, while providing the employer the confidence that a successful trip or meeting will occur. ExpensePort assures accounting and tax compliance through proper receipt documentation and the returning unused funds to the employer.

For information about the process and benefits of these programs, please contact us at info@expenseport.com.

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